Scale Landing Gear
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From Ready to bolt On, or any where in between for less.
These are the Over the Water Gear set. I have plans for the Funky 46 Long Ranger and Min Air Longranger 60 size . I also have plans for making a set of gear for the regular high gear set, and also the Hirobo 30 size Heuy. I can custom make most any set with the right measurements. Useually take between 2 to 3 weeks from scratch to build with my time constraints.

The Over the Water Gear Set

Here is the complete package. ready to bolt to you heli, fuel proof, ready for your friends to DROOL over!!

These run $90 +$10 for shipping. Allow 5-7 weeks for delivery

The Details
Here you can see the costom made float bags. They are also fuel proof. The Deployment air lines are small wire insulation with the copper taken out for weight savings. The Bag Wires still have the copper in to keep it's shape

Here you can see the rear float bags, steps, air lines and real step grips.

The Regular High Gear

Here are the Regular High gear set. Painted, cleared, and detailed with steps, non skid step material, ready to bolt on!!!!

These run $70 + $10 for shipping. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery