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My Art
There are few things in this world more than helicopters. I live blocks from the municipal airport, and i have a scanner so as I can hear when heli's come in. I am also a watercolorist and love to paint helicopters and old steam fire engines. I have some pics of my latest watercolor on the photos page. I dare ya to tell the difference between the photo and the painting!!

About my saws and watercolors
I've been a watercolorist for about 12 years and I am on the Watercolor Society of Oregon. I have several paintings in the works. One in paticular is a 29" round saw that will be for sale by next spring. It will be a Sikorsky S-64, FireFighting version dipping water out of a lake with the fire in the background. I will be updating the photo pages as the painting takes shape. Price will be between and depending on how much time I put into it. I have done several cross cut saws and the last one was over 7 feet long. All my saws are protected with a UV protectant to keep it from fading and protect it from minor scratches. Keep watching my site for updates and E-Mail me if I have sparked your intrest in a saw or a watercolor.


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